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Reflections from 2021, Thoughts for 2022

Here at Matrix Group, we use a variety of platforms and frameworks to build client applications. On the content management system (CMS) side, we really like Sitefinity and WordPress for […]

I Did It! I Cancelled My Cable Subscription!
Posted on August 14, 2014
I did it! A couple of weeks ago, I cancelled my subscription to cable TV through Comcast. Why? Gosh, so many reasons but primarily because it was costing me $120 […]
Thinking About the Future in the Age of Surprise
Posted on July 24, 2014
I had the pleasure of speaking at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) last week during their Benefit Communication and Technology Institute in San Jose, CA. My topics? […]
Top Tech Resolutions for 2014
Posted on January 9, 2014
It’s the new year, which means we’re all talking about our New Year’s resolutions. While most of us are thinking about diets and exercise routines, I’m thinking about tech resolutions. […]
Will Facebook Survive? And Does It Really Matter?
Posted on August 9, 2010
Last week, I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the Benefits Communications Conference of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Funds. During the closing session, one of the […]
Who Watches TV During Regular Broadcast Hours?
Posted on April 9, 2010
As I write this, I’m watching an episode of NCIS that I purchased from iTunes and streamed to my Apple TV. Last weekend, I was swapping stories with friends about […]