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Don’t Pile on the Tech Debt by Developing in an Old Platform

I blogged recently about the dreaded tech debt. I blogged about how to identify it and describe it. We all know that tech debt sucks! But what do we do […]

Beer and Cream Cheese Agile Methodology Revisited
Posted on September 29, 2010
Just over a year ago, I blogged about how the MatrixMaxx team was using an agile software methodology we’ve dubbed “beer and cream cheese.” MatrixMaxx is Matrix Group’s Web-based association […]
In Business, I Get the Chance to Win Gold Every Week
Posted on February 18, 2010
I’m watching the Women’s Downhill competition during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics this evening.   I saw several women crash on the course, their Olympics dreams and year of preparation, go up […]
Crowdsourced Software Development?
Posted on January 14, 2010
This afternoon, the MatrixMaxx team at Matrix Group held a Town Hall meeting with clients to get feedback on about a half dozen features slated to go into the 10.1 […]
Post-Launch Tasks = Project Overhang
Posted on August 20, 2009
After each Web site launch, I ask the Project Manager in charge what’s left to do. Why?  Because inevitably, there are items that didn’t make the launch. I call this Project […]
Beer and Cream Cheese SCRUM
Posted on July 7, 2009
Last Thursday, the MatrixMaxx team celebrated a successful SCRUM sprint with a beer and cream cheese party.  So what do beer and cream cheese have to do with software development, […]
Is Cloud Computing In Your Future?
Posted on June 25, 2009
Cloud computing is hot, hot, hot.  Early this year,  PC World predicted that cloud computing would shape up as a big trend in 2009.  We all know Amazon as a […]