Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Reach

Have you noticed that the likes and interactions on your Facebook page are decreasing? If so, you’re not imagining it – organic reach on Facebook brand pages fell by 52% last year alone, and Facebook has even admitted that only about 16% of your fans see your updates. Yuck! Why is this happening? With an […]

Time to Create a Google+ Page for Your Organization

On Monday, Google opened up Google+ and allowed companies and brands to create corporate pages. Previously, only individuals could create Google+ profiles (believe me, we tried to create a corporate page and were thwarted by Google!). If you haven’t done it already, I encourage you to create a page for your organization, company, brand or […]

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What’s the Difference Between Top News and Most Recent on Facebook? And Why Should Marketers Care?

It’s been forever since Facebook changed it stream to be divided between Top New and Most Recent and many folks are still scratching their heads wondering what’s what. Here’s why you want your updates to be in your friends’ and followers’ Top News streams. According to Facebook, “Top News shows popular stories from your favorite […]