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Getting Started with Twitter Spaces

There’s no question that this COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a test of leadership. As a CEO of Matrix Group, I have responsibilities to my employees, my clients, my […]

How We’re Using Agile and SCRUM to Manage our Office Move
Posted on June 12, 2019
SCRUM board for Matrix Group Move Matrix Group is moving! We've been in this office for ten years and it's time. Our needs have changed, and my creative team (yes, even developers are creative types, in my opinion) needs a change of scenery. As with all moves, there are about a million tasks [...]
When Redesigning Your Website, Don’t Confuse Goals with Requirements
Posted on June 8, 2017
I read a lot of RFPs and I attend a lot of website redesign kickoff meetings. The most important questions I ask are, "Why redesign? Why now?" I usually get answers like:
  • Our website needs to mobile-friendly
  • The website needs a faceted search
  • Our site search sucks
  • The website isn't user-friendly
While these [...]
Why Your CEO Needs to Attend Your Redesign Meeting
Posted on May 18, 2017
I attend a lot of kickoff meetings. For  redesigns, mobile apps, custom databases, you name it.
The best kickoff meetings are the ones where the CEO, Executive Director, the EVP or President attend, participate actively and provide insight. Why?
  • When the top person in the organization attends a meeting, staff know that meeting [...]
Why Limit Communications During the RFP Process?
Posted on August 4, 2015
Why Limit Communications During the RFP Process? | www.theMatriXFiles.net Last week, we received an RFP (Request For Proposal) for a new content management system (CMS) and Associaton Management System (AMS).  The RFP was great. The work was totally in our wheelhouse, the association is a segment we go after, and there were [...]
2015 Top Resolutions for Managing Your Website Better
Posted on January 13, 2015
resolutions I was in the car yesterday and a radio talk show host was already talking about failed New Year resolutions! C'mon, it's not even the middle of January! Surely we have a few more weeks (and months!) of trying to change behavior before throwing in the towel on failed resolutions. Me, I'm [...]
Tips For Keeping Your Office Open During a Snowstorm
Posted on February 16, 2014
Snowstorm Last Wednesday afternoon, with not one snowflake on the ground, schools and local jurisdictions were announcing closures in advance of Thursday's monster snowstorm. In the past, I would gotten up early the day of the storm to make the call re: keeping the office open or following the federal government's lead [...]
Who Should Be In Charge Of Your Redesign Project?
Posted on August 7, 2013
So your organization has decided to redesign its website. Who should be involved? Who should be in charge? And who should make the decisions? I get these questions a lot from senior executives who want to know how to structure their web team, who should be ultimately responsible for the success of the project, and how much staff time should [...]
How Long Does It Take to Design a Website?
Posted on July 17, 2013
Dollar sign When I'm presenting to prospects and clients, I almost always get the question "How long will it take to design my website?" As you can imagine, the answer is usually "It depends." Depends on what? In my experience, a design timeline will depend on the scale of the project, the amount [...]