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Getting Started with Twitter Spaces

Okay, it’s official. The economy is in a recession, but what are you doing about it? What is your company or organization doing to weather the storm or even thrive […]

Says Anne: So Long and Thanks for the Case Studies
Posted on November 16, 2008
Earlier this week, Anne Holland, founder of MarketingSherpa.com posted her last blog entry on the Sherpablog.  November 10 was her last day as a formal company employee and she used the occasion to recount how MarketingSherpa began. If you don't know MarketingSherpa, you should.  MarketingSherpa is my favorite source for news, information, case studies, how-to guides -- everything about [...]
Start Wearing Purple
Posted on October 16, 2008
It seems purple is the color of the season and I'm not complaining. If you know me, have been to my office, or spent any time on the Matrix Group Web site (or this blog for that matter), you know that purple is an integral part [...]
What’s Your E-Mail Address Worth?
Posted on October 14, 2008
Last weekend at the mall, while purchasing a pair of shoes, the saleswoman gave me a tantalizing offer: give us your e-mail address and we'll give you 10% off the price of the shoes. I had a lot of time to think about the offer because everyone in front [...]
I Registered for This Fact Sheet? Why I’m Mad At WebTrends
Posted on July 29, 2008
While preparing for a Matrix Group seminar on usage reports, I decided to get the latest news about Google Analytics and WebTrends on Demand.  I found all the information about Google Analytics on the Google site with no problems.  The WebTrends site advertised a Fact Sheet that promised more technical details about features and implementation, but I had to register. Okay, [...]