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Getting Started with Twitter Spaces

In my last blog post, I referenced the content strategy that the marketing team at Matrix Group has developed to keep our Web site and social networking pages fresh and […]

Keeping Track of Company Mentions on the Web
Posted on February 5, 2009
When I’m researching a product, I go to the Web. When I’m looking to hire a candidate, I go to the Web. All day long, I’m running searches in Google […]
Now You Can Attend Church Online!
Posted on January 26, 2009
I was trying to schedule a time for my new biz team to come to the office on Sunday to finish a proposal. We were trying to work around church […]
What Business Are You In?
Posted on January 14, 2009
At a meeting of my Vistage CEO group, I sat through a captivating presentation by Max Carey, CEO of CRD, a marketing and sales consulting firm. He asked each of […]
El Cheapo Ways to Announce Your Web Site Launch
Posted on January 8, 2009
Matrix Group recently launched a new Web site for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  Prior to the launch, Chuck and David, our esteemed clients, asked for some suggestions […]