Time to Audit Your Facebook Settings Again

Like many people I know, I view my Facebook personal page (versus the Matrix Group brand page) as the place where I connect with friends, share personal updates, post photos of my family, yada, yada. While Twitter and this blog are part of my public, professional persona, Facebook is more a part of my personal […]

Does Facebook Have Staying Power?

Everywhere I turn, I’m hearing about Facebook’s IPO on Friday. The media, economists, pundits and the public are speculating about stock price, total valuation, and on and on. And of course, people are questioning whether or not Facebook will have staying power in the long run. Mark Evans from Forbes Magazine warns readers to “Stay […]

Making Our Webinars More Social

Matrix Group hosts two webinar series each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Topics for this season’s series are Google Analytics, Integrating your CMS with your AMS (association management system), Advanced Twitter and Creating Content-Rich Mash-up Pages. Here’s the issue: although our webinars are pretty well attended and clients tell us […]