Where Did All My Traffic Go?

In recent months, several clients reported declines in their Web site traffic.  “Where did all my traffic go?” they asked anxiously.  Turns out, the traffic is still there, but it’s dispersed and these clients have to look at usage reports from different sources to learn their true usage patterns and volume. The number one reason […]

Are You HyperConnected?

A recent study by Nortel and IDC showed just how wired and connected we have become. The study found that: 16% of global workers are already “hyperconnected,” fully embracing a world of multiple devices and intense use of new communication applications. The hyperconnected worker uses a minimum of seven devices for work and personal access, […]

No E-Mail Fridays

I got a wondrous e-mail today, from a Senior VP at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). NFIB is a Matrix Group client and I sent him a routine e-mail. Here is what I got back: “Please call me today. In an effort to facilitate better communication, I am not going to be communicating […]