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Getting Started with Twitter Spaces

I’m following over 700 people on Twitter so I’ve looked at a lot of Twitter pages.  Yes, I look at pages and tweets closely before making a decision to follow […]

Top Tips for Customizing Your Twitter Profile
Posted on December 4, 2009
Twitter logo I'm following over 700 people on Twitter so I've looked at a lot of Twitter pages.  Yes, I look at pages and tweets closely before making a decision to follow someone.  Some profiles are pretty sparse, while others are fairly elaborate.  What's the saying? "You only have [...]
The Art and Science of Business Cards
Posted on October 13, 2009
When we moved to our new office in Crysta City, it meant reprinting all of our marketing materials.  While it was simply a matter of updating and reprinting most of our collateral, we decided to redesign our business cards.  Matrix Group Creative Director Alex Pineda wanted to update the design with the refreshed logo and show some more personality. Here [...]
Flight 93 National Memorial Web site
Posted on September 25, 2009
Matrix Group worked with the Flight 93 Federal Advisory Commission and the Flight 93 Memorial Task Force, to design and launch the Flight 93 National Memorial Web site. The purpose of the site is to raise public awareness, funds, and commemorate the memorial, so that future generations may learn, and remember how the brave actions of few, can make a [...]
AOPL Web site Redesign and MatrixMaxx Implementation
Posted on August 18, 2009
Matrix Group collaborated with Association of Oil Pipelines (AOPL) for a Web site redesign and a MatrixMaxx Implementation. Our work included:
  • A fresh, and engaging Web site design, promoting AOPL as the expert in fuel transportation, and an environmentally aware organization.
  • Implementation of a Content Management System (CMS), allowing staff to make Web site updates with no programming background.
  • A color-coded, interactive map, [...]
Your Web Site Is Done, Now Who Owns The Design Files?
Posted on July 9, 2009
locked CD A client whose Web site we recently implemented asked us to make changes to their Web site.  What is normally a routine request turned into a major affair.  The problem?  The design firm that had created their original designs had gone out of business.  The contract specified that [...]
What Is a Taxonomy and Why Does Your Site Need One?
Posted on April 28, 2009
Taxonomy If Matrix Group is creating a new Web site for you or updating an existing one, our project plan is almost sure to include development or review of your taxonomy. Taxonomy? Doesn't that have to do with biology and how we classify organisms? (you know, kingdom --> phylum --> [...]
Why Your CEO Needs to Be Part of Your Next Web Project
Posted on December 9, 2008
Whenever we start a project, especially if the project is related to branding or design, we ask for time with the CEO, Executive Director, President -- the top staff person. It's not always easy to get time with the CEO, and we often don't get [...]
We’re Now Designing to 1024 Resolution
Posted on October 23, 2008
Sometime last year, we started designing sites to a 1024 screen resolution.  Based on feedback from clients that they wanted more real estate for their content, and usage reports that showed users having a minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution, we decided to change our default practice.  Today, we [...]