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Getting Started with Twitter Spaces

During the pandemic, Matrix Group has hired new staff. Most of them are out of state because, you know, why not? We are all remote anyway, so why does it […]

How Matrix Group Ended up with Four Addresses In One Year
Posted on February 6, 2020
Clients, Partners and Friends, the Matrix Group address is changing. Again. We are imposing upon you, once more, to change your records so that correspondence, checks and everything else arrive at the proper place.
Here's the complicated story of how our one move generated three address changes.
For 10 years, our address was 2711 [...]
Leadership Lessons From Star Wars
Posted on December 20, 2019
[caption id="attachment_6189" align="alignright" width="350"] Joanna in her Jedi hoodie and Maki in a Supreme Leader sweatshirt at the Star Wars Episode IX opening night.[/caption] It's no secret that I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Yeah, sure, maybe there was an episode (or two) that wasn't as great, but by and large, I've loved [...]
A New CMS Won’t Fix Your Broken Web Strategy
Posted on January 16, 2018

I read a lot of RFPs (Requests For Proposals) for website redesigns, and I sit through a lot of demos and presentations. What strikes me is the number of projects where the focus is on the content management system, and not the goals and strategy of the project.

Why [...]

What Employees Want From Office Space: Flexibility
Posted on October 5, 2017
About a year ago, I was facing a big office space decision. Do we stay in our current office or move? Keep the current space design or blow it out? Our landlord paid for a fancy architect to come up with new layouts and designs. In the end, we decided to stay in place, sign a short lease and use [...]
Why I Traded in My Black Belt for a White Belt
Posted on April 4, 2016
HapKiDo A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and signed up for HapKiDo. HapKiDo is sometimes called the "anti-martial art" because it emphasizes deflection and leverage. HapKiDo techniques use joint locks, strikes and dynamic kicking. I'm a black belt in TaeKwonDo. Why embark on another martial art, especially when [...]