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Does Your Website Need Web Push Notifications?

Let’s face it. As marketers, we’re always wondering how to reach more people, get more opens and clicks, drive traffic, and get more conversions. Mobile apps have been terrific at generating visits and conversions because of their ability to send push notifications to users. We’ve all gotten used to the notifications on our phone, as well […]

What’s So Cool About Cooliris?

I just discovered CoolIris, a browser plug-in that lets me surf images and videos in a cool, new way. Browser plugs-in are small pieces of software that extend the capabilities of your Web browser.  In this case, I downloaded the CoolIris plug-in for Firefox, installed it, restarted, and I was good to go.  So what’s […]

Conversation and the Zen Tech Warrior

I had the pleasure of speaking at the ASAE Technology Conference, taking place until tomorrow at the DC Convention Center.  My topic? Dealing With Big Trends in a Small Staff Organization. Here are the 5 big trends I discussed: Your Browser as the New Operating System. The Web browser is increasingly the platform for mission […]

We’re Now Designing to 1024 Resolution

Sometime last year, we started designing sites to a 1024 screen resolution.  Based on feedback from clients that they wanted more real estate for their content, and usage reports that showed users having a minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution, we decided to change our default practice.  Today, we design to 1024 unless circumstances warrant […]

I Love Firefox 3!

Firefox 3 launched June 18 and over 8 million people downloaded the new version. As of July 2, there were 28,340,281 total downloads! I procrastinated at first but after a few weeks, I finally clicked on the download link. And boy, am I glad I did! Let me tell you why: Firefox was bogging […]