Conversation and the Zen Tech Warrior

I had the pleasure of speaking at the ASAE Technology Conference, taking place until tomorrow at the DC Convention Center.  My topic? Dealing With Big Trends in a Small Staff Organization. Here are the 5 big trends I discussed: Your Browser as the New Operating System. The Web browser is increasingly the platform for mission […]

We’re Now Designing to 1024 Resolution

Sometime last year, we started designing sites to a 1024 screen resolution.  Based on feedback from clients that they wanted more real estate for their content, and usage reports that showed users having a minimum 1024 x 768 screen resolution, we decided to change our default practice.  Today, we design to 1024 unless circumstances warrant […]

I Love Firefox 3!

Firefox 3 launched June 18 and over 8 million people downloaded the new version. As of July 2, there were 28,340,281 total downloads! I procrastinated at first but after a few weeks, I finally clicked on the download link. And boy, am I glad I did! Let me tell you why: Firefox was bogging […]