The Campaign is Over, but President Obama Still Committed to Social Networking

Candidate Obama ran a great campaign and made amazing use of social networking services to get the word out about his campaign, mobilize supporters, create viral messages, and raise money.  When the campaign ended, I wondered if President Obama would continue to use social networking tools or if the constraints of the White House or […]

Conversation and the Zen Tech Warrior

I had the pleasure of speaking at the ASAE Technology Conference, taking place until tomorrow at the DC Convention Center.  My topic? Dealing With Big Trends in a Small Staff Organization. Here are the 5 big trends I discussed: Your Browser as the New Operating System. The Web browser is increasingly the platform for mission […]

Obama Inauguration: Warm and Intimate on the Web, Totally Locked Out in the Cold in VA

I’m excited and fascinated by next week’s Inauguration. And I’m relying on the Web to keep me up to date with the festivities. I’m following the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) (@obamainaugural) and loving the YouTube contest, the news about the inaugural activities, and the updates about various balls. I’m following the DC Government on Twitter […]

Says Anne: So Long and Thanks for the Case Studies

Earlier this week, Anne Holland, founder of posted her last blog entry on the Sherpablog.  November 10 was her last day as a formal company employee and she used the occasion to recount how MarketingSherpa began. If you don’t know MarketingSherpa, you should.  MarketingSherpa is my favorite source for news, information, case studies, how-to […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with CAPTCHA

By now, most of us are familiar with CAPTCHA graphics, or the graphics with squiggly text that we have to retype correctly in order to submit a form.  I understand that CAPTCHA was developed to stop spam, prevent bots from hijacking forms and surveys, and prevent dictionary attacks against sites. But I’ve noticed recently that […]