Sometimes We Just Need to Ask Our Customers What They Want

All day long, I sit in meetings where my staff, clients and I try to intuit what customers and members want.  We look at usage reports, search logs, customer feedback forms, guestbook entries, and survey results.  All of these sources give us insight into what customers do, seek and want.  But after conducting a focus […]

The Campaign is Over, but President Obama Still Committed to Social Networking

Candidate Obama ran a great campaign and made amazing use of social networking services to get the word out about his campaign, mobilize supporters, create viral messages, and raise money.  When the campaign ended, I wondered if President Obama would continue to use social networking tools or if the constraints of the White House or […]

Obama Inauguration: Warm and Intimate on the Web, Totally Locked Out in the Cold in VA

I’m excited and fascinated by next week’s Inauguration. And I’m relying on the Web to keep me up to date with the festivities. I’m following the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) (@obamainaugural) and loving the YouTube contest, the news about the inaugural activities, and the updates about various balls. I’m following the DC Government on Twitter […]