National Electrical Contractors Association Website Redesign

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)  is the voice of the $130 billion electrical construction industry that brings power, light, and communication technology to buildings and communities across the United States.

NECA’s previous website had served its members successfully for more than four years, but the way electrical contractors do business is now changing and NECA wanted to ensure that they were providing members with information and resources they needed to grow.

NECA joined forces with its longtime web partner, Matrix Group, to create a more robust, functional website that met the needs of its membership base. The new site:

The new site:

  • Features a new “Contractor Resources” section.
  • Is now mobile-friendly. W
  • Is a user-centered design, using imagery that captures the diversity of the industry and what NECA members do.
  • Is implemented in the Sitefinity content management system.

Check out the newly redesigned website at