DecisionPath Consulting Website Redesign

DecisionPath home page

DecisonPath, a business intelligence consultancy, called on Matrix Group for the redesign of its website, which needed to better communicate the company’s capabilities and experience. More importantly, DecisionPath’s staff wanted the website to serve as the company’s primary marketing vehicle and lead generation tool. SEO and usability were critical components of the website’s design and content.

Matrix Group:

  • Developed a user-friendly navigation with a clear understanding of user motivations and behaviors.  Matrix Group considered all types of users for this website, from individuals looking for consulting services based on their functionality within their company to more industry focused.
  • Created a clean, updated design that positions DecisionPath as the “agency that can help its clients build its customers’ business by making their businesses’ smarter.  The new website now provides visitors with information on how business intelligence, analytics, and performance management, can be used to help solve companies’ challenges. The website also offers case studies, demonstrating the company’s expertise in utilizing business intelligence into helping clients’ find solutions to their business problems.
  • Implemented a content management system (WordPress) making it easier for DecisionPath’s marketing staff to maintain the website and ensure the information remains up to date (Previously, the entire site was entirely static HTML and required more technical knowledge to update).

Visit the DecisionPath Consulting Website.