Google Searches Amazon Better Than Amazon is really lucky that indexes its content and then adds the fabulous Google search algorithms to searches.  In order to find something on, I had to find it on

My son begged me to purchase software based on the Dr. Seuss ABC Book. We had previously seen the program at the Apple Store.  Even though I have a Mac at home, CJ’s computer is a PC and I wanted the PC version for him.

  • So I went to and typed “dr. Seuss alphabet software.”  I got nothing. I tried “dr. seuss alphabet” and didn’t get any software.
  • I should have typed “dr. seuss ABC software” but somehow, I had alphabet on the brain.  It was late and my normally decent searching skills were not kicking in.
  • So I went to and typed “dr. Seuss alphabet software” and yes, you guessed it, Google found the product I wanted on; it was the second link.
  • Google’s legendary search algorithms did it again.  Alphabet got equated to ABC and I got what I needed.  I bet I’m not the only person who has gone to to find the content on another site.  If I wanted to, I could have asked Google to search for “dr. Seuss alphabet software” on the site by typing “dr. Seuss alphabet software”

Lesson for all of us who build Web sites: make sure your site is visible to Google and other Internet search engines (more on that topic in another post).