2012 Holiday Gift Ideas from Matrix Group for the Techies In Your Life

It’s 12-12-12, the Mayan Apocalypse Day is a mere 9 days away, and Christmas Eve is 12 days away. Assuming you believe the earth will survive beyond December 21, 2012, you have less than two weeks to finish your holiday shopping. If you celebrate Hannukah, you’re almost out of time.

So what do you get the techie(s) in your life? As always, I polled my staff and they gave me some great recommendations.

  • The Lego Lord of the Rings game for XBOX, 3DS and PS Vita is simply awesome!
  • i-Ecko makes a bottle opener/USB drive combo device. Who thinks up these combinations?
  • Tired of paying a monthly fee for your DVR? Try Roku, which is a small box that connects to your home Wi-Fi signal and streams over 300 channels to your television set.
  • Need a simple laptop? Try a Google Chromebook. It’s a person computer running the Google Chrome operating system. It comes with Google apps and the Chrome browser. For $200, it’s a nice little machine!
  • Doesn’t every geek in your life need a wooden catapult and trebuchet kit?
  • The Lytro camera lets you change the perspective of a photo, AFTER you’ve taken the photo.
  • The Perplexus Maze Game is a 3D maze game where players must maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a transparent sphere. My 8-year old loves this game!
  • For the coffee addict in your life, the Art. Lebedev Thermal Battery Mug is black until you pour hot liquid into the mug. Then a battery icon appears, charging up and down with green power bars to match the level of your liquid.
  • The Pixel Ruler is a must-have for the web designer in your life. who will use it for responsive screen size sketching.
  • I love this “I had friends on that Death Star” t-shirt featuring a forlorn stormtrooper.
  • The iPad Atari Arcade turns your iPad into an old-fashioned Atari console, complete with joystick. Centipede, anyone?
  • The Oona smartphone base lets you configure the base and turn your smartphone into a GPS, time lapse camera, fridge magnet, and more. Genius!
  • For the teenagers or the audiophiles in your life, try a pair of Beat headphones. You can get them in a vast array of colors, including purple!
  • For the traveler in your life, how about an Ostrich Pillow, which claims to be a soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates both your head and hands, perfect for a power nap.
  • For the Star Wars fan with a growing family and minivan, how about Star Wars family decals for your car?
  • Baby, it’s cold outside, so why not buy a Dr. Who TARDIS Laplander knit hat?
  • For the new mom, this “My First Year Poster” is so cool! Create a custom poster filled with infographics of a baby’s first year.

How about you? What are your favorite gift ideas this year? What are you getting the techies in your life?