Author: Joanna Pineda

What is the Best Content Management System For an Association Website?

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited by my buddy Heinan Landa, CEO of Optimal Networks, to an event by CADRE, which bills itself as “a way for elite […]

What’s It Like to Travel These Days?
Posted on February 15, 2022

I never really stopped traveling during the pandemic. Yes, I traveled a whole lot less, but I have seen my mom several times, I went on vacation, and I have attended out of town conferences. Just since the start of the New Year, I’ve been to San Diego, San Francisco and New York.

Ready to Declutter Your Digital Life?
Posted on January 12, 2022
It’s a new year and with a new year comes new year’s resolutions. Many of us resolve to tidy up our closets and garages. This past holiday season, I decided to declutter my digital life. Here’s what I ended up doing:

Cleared my Email

I have unlimited storage in Gmail, which is a good [...]
Reflections from 2021, Thoughts for 2022
Posted on December 22, 2021
2022 on running trackIt’s December 22, 2021. Phew! Another year has come and gone and as usual, I’m thinking about the coming year. I’ve been having conversations with my team, friends in the industry and fellow CEOs about what to expect in 2022 and we all agree that next year [...]