Joanna Pineda

Founder, CEO Matrix Group International

Joanna is known for her visionary big-picture thinking and drive for excellence. Combining her broad liberal arts background and passion for technology, she started Matrix Group in 1999, today a leading interactive agency. As a trusted advisor, Joanna inspires and motivates her clients and employees alike to simply, “be better.” Joanna’s mantra: “DO or DO NOT. There is NO TRY!

Joanna and CJ

Joanna and her son, CJ.

Joanna and Friends on Alaskan Cruise

Alaska Cruise

Mount Vernon Website Screenshot

Mt Vernon Site by Matrix Group

Joanna brings over 15 years experience helping associations and non-profits execute their vision by providing strategic advice creating an online presence that enhances brand and customer benefits. She has grown the company organically, with year over year growth in revenue, headcount and customers. Prior to Matrix Group, Joanna was President of Business Information Network, a Web development company. Joanna received her Bachelor’s degree in Int’l Relations from Stanford University and Master’s degree from the School of Advanced Int’l Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Joanna has a wide range of interests. Her Top 10 List:

  1. Family – She loves spending time with her family, especially with her sons, CJ and MJ.
  2. Matrix Group – This Company is her brain child. As the founder and CEO, her intensity and drive for customer success has not waned one bit
  3. Promoting and supporting professional women in business.
  4. X Files – She is a huge fan and has never missed an episode
  5. Star Wars – She closed the office on every opening day so all employees can watch the movie
  6. Travel – Her family and an entourage of 4 to 10 friends travel to exotic destinations. Recent trips: Kennedy Space Center, to watch the Space Shuttle launch, Alaskan cruise to celebrate Joanna’s birthday, Japan to visit Grandma, Vietnam and Cambodia.
  7. Reading – An avid reader, today she reads everything from trade magazines to mysteries, business journals, and children’s books.
  8. Visiting museums – Mount Vernon and The Smithsonian are two of her favorites.
  9. Sushi – Family competition who can eat the most salmon sushi? CJ, at age three, holds the record at 10 (consumed in one sitting)!
  10. Sleep – Running at 120 mph from dawn to midnight, being a CEO, mother, wife, volunteer and friend to anyone in need, you learn to appreciate the simple things in life…like Sleep!

“Joanna is an amazing person. Her integrity and compassion to always do the right thing, professionally and personally, are traits that make her truly special.”

Emi Usui, College Friend and Director of Marketing, Matrix Group International