The World is Mobile. Are You?

The world is mobile, which means that as an organization you need to stop thinking about a mobile strategy and have one in place. Our team can help you implement a mobile strategy for your organization.

Our Mobile Solutions


Mobile Apps

Whether it's checking our bank account or catching up the headlines, we use mobile apps on a daily basis. Organizations are incorporating apps into their mobile strategy, creating apps for their conferences or specific tasks.

Matrix Group can design and build an app for you based on your needs. We can:

  • Design a simple look and feel that complements your organization's brand.
  • Based on the requirements, we can build the app's functionality, developing it for the different platforms, e.g., iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Conduct a series of tests to ensure the app works on the different mobile platforms.
  • Submit it to the Google and iTunes store for approval.

Responsive Design: Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

With more people accessing the web through their mobile devices, making your website mobile-friendly is no longer a "good to have"; it's a need.

If you're considering a redesign of your website then you definitely want to make it responsive. Built and managed through your content management system (CMS), a responsive website will automatically adjust to fit the appropriate display size.

Our team of information architects, designers and developers, will work together to create a website that is user-friendly on any device. They will:

  • Develop wireframes for the individual devices based on the navigation and user needs.
  • Create design comps for each of the devices. Depending on what your budget is, we can create comps for phone, tablets and widescreen.
  • Implement the responsive elements of the site through CSS and JavaScript. Based on your requirements, we can customize your navigation, hide or reduce the branding area, focusing on the user experience based on the device they're using.


Email Templates

You may be already thinking about making your website mobile friendly, but have you thought about doing the same thing when it comes to your email newsletters? Email providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact are making it easy for organizations to implement mobile-friendly email templates. We can:

  • Design a responsive email template that incorporates your branding.
  • Implement the template into your email marketing provider. Similar to a responsive website, your email will automatically adjust based on the device it's being viewed on. For example, if you're viewing the email on a desktop, it may be two columns, but on phone, will be one with the columns stacked on each other.
  • Test emails to ensure they look good on different devices.