Integration: Ties All Your Systems Together

Everyone talks about having an integrated website, but what does that mean?  Here at Matrix Group, when we talk about integration, we talk about how to make your CMS, AMS, CRM and other systems talk to each other.

A successful integration:

  • Facilitates a simple user experience for your members and customers
  • Provides your members or customers a seamless experience as they jump from one system to another.
  • Prevents double or triple entry
  • provides your members or customers a seamless experience as they jump from one system to another.
  • Keeps data in one master database
  • And helps staff analyze or mine data

One of the Top Integrators in the DC Area

Matrix Group is one of the top integrators in the Washington Dc area, integrating CMS systems Sitefinity, WordPress and CommonSpot with the top association management systems (AMS), CRMs, community platforms, searches and email providers.

Check out some of the systems we have experience integrating with:

Search Platforms

You want to make finding information on your site simple.  We can integrate a search platform on to your site, allowing your members to find information they need quickly based on topic, keywords, phrases or questions.



Syncing your CRM with your website can streamline your customer experience by allowing them to manage their information while giving your marketing, sales and fundraising teams to do their jobs. We’ve worked with multiple systems including:

Community Platforms:

We know that it’s important to create a place where your members can share their issues, provide support to one another and more.  We’ve integrated community platforms on thousands of websites to help our association clients enhance their member experiences including:

Association Management Systems:

Your association management system is the center of your association, managing all functions—your membership, online store and much more. We will head up the integration making sure it is pain-free and that everything is seamlessly integrated, giving your members the ultimate user experience.  We’ve worked with:

Third party Job Platforms

Whether it’s an individual looking for a job or a company filling one in, job boards and career centers are another benefit many associations provide their members. We’ve implemented hundreds of job platforms. We’ll work closely with you to integrate third party job platforms into your CMS including:

Third Party Journals

Third party journal platforms allow organizations to provide relevant content, including journals, articles and other publications. We’ve worked with clients integrating third party journal platforms including: