Custom Web Applications

Unique Solutions to Address Your Need

Sometimes, what's available out of the box from your CMS, AMS or LMS isn't quite right and it can't be configured enough to meet your needs. If that's the case, we can build something that fits the bill.

How We Work

Sometimes, what's available out of the box from your CMS, AMS or LMS isn't quite right or it can't be configured enough to meet your needs. If that's the case then we can build something custom that fits the bill. ​​

  •  Our goal is to know your project better than you do. We’ll go deep with requirements, asking you a lot of questions long before a single line of code is written.
  • We’ll develop complete specifications and wireframes. We'll develop a "How it works" document so that you'll understand and critique.  We'll also write detailed technical specifications so our development team can work quickly and accurately. And did we mention our awesome wireframes? Clients love them because they show them exactly what they're going to get--no surprises.
  • We’ll create use cases and test them thoroughly. For some applications, we might create dozens, even hundreds, of use cases and scenarios to explore all the possible paths your members and customers might take, anticipate flow issues and find the bugs.
  • You’ll know exactly where we are in the process at all times.  We’ll show you progress every week, gathering your feedback, and making adjustments until the final product is live.


Types of Custom Applications We've Done

Accreditation Portals

A healthcare accreditation company wanted to:

  • Streamline its operations
  • Eliminate paper evidence
  • Make it easier to submit applications
  • And process 1/3 more applications with the same number of staff.

Matrix Group created an accreditation portal that allows the organization to manage standards, applications, scoring, visits, reports, and committee decisions.

The result? Soaring growth, no paper, lots of transparency and accountability in their process.


A construction trade association wanted to be the leading provider of project leads for its members. They wanted a database of projects up for bid, including plans, specifications, private plan rooms, daily email alerts, and much more.

Matrix Group created an online plan room that eliminated the need for physical plan rooms and allowed the association to obliterate its competition and attract new members.

Custom Forms

A nonprofit dedicated to helping members of the military wanted to put its insurance applications online, sell more policies, and educate members about how much and what type of insurance is right for them.

Matrix Group redesigned the website, created an education portal, created interactive versions of all the PDF applications, integrated the forms with the association's back office (thereby eliminating data entry), and optimized their Google landing pages and e-newsletter, all of which has resulted in explosive growth in the past year.

Custom Maps

A nonprofit dedicated to helping local organizations grow their social networks by connecting celebrities with their missions, wanted to make it easy for celebrities to find local causes to support to attend or give social media shout outs. Matrix Group integrated Google Maps to display the submitted causes by keyword, city, state, zip code and by category. Celebrities can give a shout to an organization by clicking on the Twitter icon.