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What is the Gutenberg WordPress Update?

WordPress is set to revolutionize massive swathes of the internet with the introduction of its new editor called Gutenberg, coming soon in the 5.0 release. While change can be scary, this update has a lot of promise in terms of new design possibilities and time saved.

Named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, Gutenberg aims to provide an updated WordPress experience for its users by letting users create sophisticated design blocks for a drag-and drop website building experience.

Simply put, Gutenberg lets you customize design elements for your website that can be easily reused on any number of pages. The functionality is aimed at providing a simple low code/no code solution for getting websites with a custom feel without as many hours in the design phase. All that time spent on updating plugins, using shortcodes, and page editors may become a thing of the past with this update!

SiteOrigin, a popular plugin and theme creator, has put out a short video about how they are working tirelessly to ensure all of its plugins are Gutenberg compatible. This is good news for many of those that are using SiteOrigin! You can view the video here.

For those who aren’t ready to switch over to the Gutenberg editor just yet, there’s a classic WordPress plugin available that can set classic mode as the default. Wins all around!

Have any questions about Gutenberg or want us to help prepare your website for the Gutenberg update? Feel free to reach out!

Liz Norton


Sitefinity Module Builder

If any of you have written modules for Sitefinity prior to the 4.4 release, then you know that module writing can be a tricky, cumbersome process. It’s not hard to miss a small step, causing your module not to run or breaking your Sitefinity installation altogether. But don’t despair! Telerik has addressed this issue in 4.4 by creating the Module Builder, a tool that lets you build custom modules from within in the Sitefinity admin area.

In case you were speed-reading that last sentence, let me say this again: Module Builder lets you build modules in the admin. No coding necessary. Sitefinity logo

“But, Liz,” you say, “I’m a developer. Coding is my life!” Well, trust me on this one: use the Module Builder. To say that it saves time and effort is an understatement. It took Craig, a fellow Matrix Group programmer, less than five minutes to create a new module in Module Builder. No joke. To quote Telerik developer Ivan Osmak (during a recent Module Builder webinar):

“This tool was not built for people who don’t know how to program, it’s for people who don’t have time.”

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