• Alan Gunn

    Alan Gunn


    Alan is one of the developers on the Fifth Element team and has been dedicated to his core clients for the past eight years. Outside of Matrix, Alan enjoys spending time with his wife and chocolate lab Rubi. They are often found cottaging, camping or boating. Alan and his family reside in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In his dream job he would be a sport fishing captain in the Florida Keys.

  • Alex Pineda

    Alex Pineda

    Creative Director

    Alex is the Creative Director at Matrix Group. He manages the design team and collaborates with clients to turn their ideas into visual realities. He is a Gemini who enjoys travel and World of Warcraft, to which he considers himself completely addicted.

  • Dave Hoernig

    Dave Hoernig

    Director of Software Engineering

    Dave is Matrix Group's Director of Software Engineering, bringing more than 20 years of experience in business development support, product development, web development, e-commerce, and program management. Dave enjoys golfing, playing basketball, and is an avid supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles. He has three sons and a daughter who keep him quite busy. His favorite movies are Apocalypse Now and The Matrix, conveniently.

  • Janna Marks

    Janna Marks

    Web Producer

    The Barefoot Wonder: ...Also known as Map Girl, or Miss Pixel. As a member of the MatrixMaxx software team, Janna helps clients with initial product training and help and support along the way. She also is responsible for the front-end development for the MatrixMaxx team. When she's not at Matrix, Janna can be found helping to run a local Board Gaming Group, running around in Renaissance Garb or bead weaving a new piece of jewelry.

  • Joseph Parsley

  • Jessica Parsley

    Jessica Parsley

    Master of Details/Project Manager

    Jessica does a little bit of everything at Matrix Group, as well as in real life. She enjoys being the glue that brings things together and gets them functioning harmoniously.

  • Joanna Pineda

    Joanna Pineda

    CEO & Chief Troublemaker

    Joanna’s business card reads CEO/Chief Troublemaker for a reason. She relishes a challenge and introduces change wherever she goes. She knows anything is possible and that clients come to Matrix to hear "Yes", not "No." Matrix is purple because of Joanna. Staff like to call her JP.

  • Jaime Quiroz

    Jaime Quiroz

    Front End Developer

    Jaime's a front-end developer with a passion for graphic design and music.

  • Leah Monica

    Leah Monica

    Director of Marketing

    Leah is the Director of Marketing & Client Engagement at Matrix Group. She manages the marketing efforts for Matrix Group and is an integral part of the new business team. When she's away from her desk, you can often find her: dining out in Philly where she lives with her husband and brand new baby boy, soaking up every nanosecond of mom-hood, hitting the gym, and experimenting with gluten-free baking. Leah loves any and all challenges, and is currently determined to bake the perfect loaf of gluten-free bread. She promises to share the recipe on her food blog once the goal is achieved!

  • Tanya Kennedy Luminati

    Tanya Kennedy Luminati

    Director of MatrixMaxx

    When she is not at Matrix Group managing day-to-day operations of MatrixMaxx, she is at home being a full-time mom to her son, Alexander, playing video games with her husband, or brewing up a pot of soup for family and friends. She makes a killer white bean and sausage soup. Be sure to ask her for the recipe the next time you see her.