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Born in Washington, DC and raised in Maryland, Kevin is a University of Maryland Terrapin fan and a loyally frustrated Redskins fan. When he is not at Matrix Group managing his projects, Kevin frequents the local dog parks with his Beagle/Pug mixed dog, Sammy (named after #33, Slingin Sammy Baugh). He likes going to comedy shows, cooking, hiking, reading, contemplating a new favorite NFL team, and spending time with family and friends.

Everything Is Going Live

periscopeDid you read about it in the newspaper? Already old news.

How about on Twitter? Soon to be old news.

All information, including news, entertainment, sports, concerts, interviews, etc., will eventually be accessible in real time on your mobile devices.

You can already see it happening. We watch live sporting events on phones and get up-to-the-second stats on smartwatches; we are able to get live streams on our phones to see what’s happening in our homes with security cameras.

When I heard about the wildfires in Canada, I thought I’d jump on Periscope to see if anyone was reporting anything. I watched thirty minutes of live coverage from a local news station showing the fire, people evacuating, etc. It was so interesting to see it live. As I was about to hop off, I saw a Scope that had 18,000 viewers, so I checked it out. I then began to watch the AC/DC concert live from Portugal with Axl Rose from the point of view of someone in the very front row. It was so cool.  I immediately Air Dropped it onto my TV and watched the last hour of the show. It was awesome!  Fire!

Needless to say, there are a lot of mundane Periscoping out there. Like high school kids geeking out about how many hearts their scope is getting or John Smith scoping his commute to work.

All of this got me thinking about what we do, what our clients do, and how can we best use this technology.

  • How are you using video now on your site?
  • How are you disseminating news?
  • What about your social media strategy?

Could you replace any of these with something as easy to use as Periscope or Facebook Live Video? Pretty much everyone of us is carrying a camera-equipped mobile device in our pockets – what’s stopping us from taking video right now?

Think about how powerful that could be during an annual conference! You could stream the keynote speech on Livestream. The staff could run their own live “Man (or Woman) on the Street” series between sessions and events. Attendees could share their Scopes with the same hashtag on your Twitter feed, and suddenly your event can have thousands of viewer hours.

Here are just some examples of live streaming outlets:

Can you imagine what else will be possible? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out.  Hmmm?  Maybe I should have live streamed me typing up this blog about live streaming?  JK, no one wants to see stuff like that!

Are you using live-streaming video now? What platform are you using? Let us know in the comments!

Tools: Avoid Carpal Tunnel With Levitating Mouse

With all the time folks spend on the computer these days, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome tends to be a common problem. How to solve it? levitating computer mouse

Kibardin Design has a nifty levitating wireless computer mouse called Bat that’s currently in a testing period. One of the product’s goals is to prevent and treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Nifty, huh?

What tools or tricks do you use to help avoid computer stress injuries?

Looking Forward to WordPress 3.6

We and several of our clients use WordPress. We love because it’s easy to use and is very customizable. It also updates every quarter or so, bringing cool new features and functionality to an already-cool platform. WordPress logo

WordPress 3.6 is just now out. This review from DesignModo covers most of what’s new. The improved auto-saving and revision management are particularly exciting to a busy agency like Matrix Group.

Do you use WordPress? Which of the new features looks coolest to you?

Tech News: Desktop, Mobile Updates to Google +

You know Google+ unveiled its new desktop redesign; now it’s revamped its mobile design.

We all know that Google+ has not had nearly the same popularity as Facebook, and there Google Plus Logoare lots of theories as to why.  But it seems the Google team thought that changing the interface to a Pinterest/Facebook hybrid would help its UX and general appeal.  Getting the mobile side of it in line with the desktop version will get it into the hands of the millions who access it via their phones and tablets, a demographic that is seeing a huge surge.

How do you feel about the new Google+ update?

Tech Tools: Google Glass

This is yet another blog post about Google Glass, but it’s really hard not to be excited. google glass logo You can take pictures and video, share them, and see maps and directions overlaid on the world – all with voice commands. You’ve gotta admit, that’s cool.

Our Creative Director, Alex Pineda, says it’s a part of the augmented reality that he believes we’re headed for, and he’s got other examples of how technology might integrate ever more seamlessly into our lives.

How do you feel about Google Glass?