Get your Web Content Ready in Time for Launch

You’re planning your timeline for the new website and you’re excited. But, you know you need to update content and write new content. What do you need to do to accomplish this? Silver pen


When should this content development plan start?  This needs to start as soon as your website design project kicks off.

One of the continued challenges for an organization that is having their website re-designed or even designed for the first time is generating content for the site.  Taking the time to create a content development plan is key to any web site re-design or initial design.  Your development plan should include conducting a content audit of your website, determining which content is going to be re-used, revised, or deleted, identify which content can be done through an automated content migration vs. manual content migration, and producing a content writing schedule.  Breaking down these tasks into manageable project milestones will alleviate much of the challenges that are felt with a newly designed web site launch date that is quickly approaching.

The content development plan needs to start with doing a content audit of your existing website.  This can be a spreadsheet that lists out each page of the website with the page title so that you have an idea of what content exists.  The next step is to have a content audit review meeting with all parties involved with editing the website content.  During this meeting, it is determined which content stays, goes, or needs to be revised.  It would also be at this time that people are assigned writing assignments with deliverable dates (building the content writing schedule).  When reviewing the content, you should also start identifying which content could be migrated manually vs. automated.

Recommended Milestones

Below are recommended project milestones that will assist in your content development plan.

  • Content Audit
  • Review Content Audit for content that is staying, going, or being revised
  • Create Content Writing Schedule
  • Weekly Content Update Meetings

Remember that keeping up with the content writing schedule is key.  The time frame for having all content written/updated should coincide with build out of the new website.  As the developers are building out the pages, they will be able to add the content saving you both time and money in getting this task done at the same time.

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Staff Favorite:

eMealsI’ve got a dual-earner household, and two teenagers who can be… well, let’s call it selective. Planning and making meals isn’t the easiest thing in the world, sometimes. But then, you come across a resource that’s life-changing.

The website that has changed my family’s life is eMeals.

We started using eMeals about four years ago to reduce our food budget when things were tight. It’s also got plans for ‘simple gourmet’, organic, and other diet choices. They have since added Paleo diet-friendly options.

This site really has had a profound impact on our family because when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease, they had a gluten-free option.

The best thing about the site is that it provides you with the menu of all the items that you need to buy and then provides you with the recipe. Not only do our kids eat a different meal every night, but we worked through the picky eater issues! We can put almost everything (no mushrooms for my son and no mashed potatoes for my daughter) in front of the kids and they eat it. If they hesitate, the general rule is they have to eat the number of ‘bites’ of their age and at almost 15… well, you get the picture… they almost eat the whole serving provided to them.

Do you have a go-to resource for meals in your family?