Dianne Harris

About Dianne Harris

Dianne is a Tester here at Matrix Group - she exterminates the bugs she finds in Matrix Maxx! Her favorite place to eat is Chipotle. She loves to bake all sorts of pastries, and she’s currently perfecting her pie crusting technique. One fun fact about Dianne is that she drives her car as little as possible, because it was a gift that she loves so much that she’d hate to see it go!

Census Dotmap and Doing Things with Data

Census Dotmap

Overall view of the Census Dotmap by Brandon Martin-Anderson (http://bmander.com/dotmap/index.html)

This isn’t just a map that looks cool with a serious human connection (though it is that).  It’s a dot map based on the US and Canadian census data, each of its almost 350 million dots representing each person the census counted.

It’s more than simply a cool thing to look at for us, because the MatrixMaxx team is looking into doing this type of data mapping for our clients. We’re planning on visualizing membership data on a map. It would give a population base line to compare other data maps against. For instance, do our clients have more members on the East Coast in keeping with the population density seen on this map?

Analytics and Big Data are a huge part of tech and business today. How are you measuring your business and its impact?