Tracking To Do Items In CF Comment Code using CFEclipse TODO

CFEclipse TODO tasks and custom tasks

While developing applications I’m always dumping code to the screen in order to troubleshoot, and CFEclipse TODO makes this more convenient for me.

The TODO feature allows you to track items on your “to-do list” in the comments of your code.

Example of CF comment code

In the task-list view, you can track and view any comment that contains the string TODO:. From the task view you can double-click on the task, and the relevant file will open up in the editor.

CF Task list

Another powerful feature with CFEclipse tasks is the ability to create custom tasks. I’ve created a custom task, CFDUMP:, with a high priority (Note the red exclamation point in above task list).

As in the case of TODO:, you can track and view in the task-list view any comment that contains the string CFDUMP:.

CF Comment string

Now I can keep track of all the code dumps I have in my code, which lets me remove them before an application is passed off to the client for review.

I hope this quick review makes it easier for you to start creating and tracking your tasks.

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