At Work, Where Blabbing is a Good Thing – We Think

Screencap of Blab conversationYou know, one thing we like doing at Matrix Group is trying out new tools. Our front-end developers and programmers are always finding new ways to make writing code more efficient, version control more effective, and implementations smoother. In short, they keep finding things to make your projects go live quickly and correctly.

Let’s be honest: sometimes we like playing with stuff for the sheer joy of it.

We also like finding ways to make our internal processes and meetings better. For a lot of reasons, this all boils down to teleconferencing software and applications. (C’mon, how many meetings are – at the same time – brief, effective, and fun?)

So, have you heard of Blab?

It’s a conversation and broadcasting platform that’s been likened to Periscope, but for more people at once. Unless you want to be nothing but an observer, you’ll have to log in with your Twitter account. Then you really get to interact, either as a host with a chance to speak onscreen or through the chat and Q&A functions. It’s in beta right now, so there may be some quirks, but we had fun playing with it.

There are some who have played around with the tool longer, and we look forward to finding out what they’ve learned and how many things we can do with it.

Meanwhile, here we are, being cute as buttons, amirite?

Have you tried out Blab? What about other, competing tools have you discovered recently?

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Sarah Jedrey

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Sarah wears lots of hats, touching everything from content marketing to front-end development. She is the main client trainer at Matrix Group. She also edits Matrix Group's YouTube series, The Matrix Minute, as well as screencasts and videos for clients. When she's not at work, she's car-singing, cooking or creating comics and illustrations. She has one attention-seeking cat named Mouth.