5 Ways to Keep Your Website Content Fresh

Last month, we kicked off our webinar series with a topic many struggle with: writing good keyboardcontent.  We often get asked questions like “How do I keep my content fresh?” and “How often do I need to update my website?”  Here are a few things you can start doing now to make sure your website is up to date:

  • Plan your content in advance.  An editorial calendar for your website can help you lay out content based on your organization’s annual campaigns as well as help you manage your resources and deadlines.  Plus, it will ensure that you provide content to your audiences in a timely manner!
  • You don’t need to update everything all the time. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to be updating your About Us or Membership landing page on a monthly basis, but there some things that you’ll want to update more frequently, including news, events and your blog.
  • Don’t forget about your homepage branding area.  Your homepage branding area is key real estate.  Consider updating it on a quarterly basis to promote your key campaigns, resources you want to highlight, etc.
  • Think about your users’ expectations. For example, if your website provides updates on OSHA regulations and interpretations, you must update you site whenever there is new and updated information.
  • Measure effectiveness. It’s important to know that you’re providing value to your audiences.  Review your analytics to determine top topics and where your audiences are most engaged with you on your site.

What are your tips?