What We Love About MailChimp

Clients regularly ask us to recommend a broadcast email platform. Our answer is almost always MailChimp, the popular email provider.  Here at Matrix Group, we’ve been using MailChimp for more than two years. We even designed and implemented a responsive email template that dynamically responds based on the device recipients are using to view emails — thanks to the functionality of the email provider. MailChimp logo

Here are a few reasons why we prefer MailChimp over other providers:

  •  It’s easy to use. MailChimp offers multiple templates for you to use to create newsletters, emails, etc.   MailChimp also makes it easy to add your own templates. Once implemented, it makes it easy for staff who are not as familiar with HTML to create, edit and send out emails.
  • Updating and managing lists is easy.  You can update lists on an ongoing basis and MailChimp will automatically remove unsubscribes. You can also pull lists of emails that bounced back.
  • The reports are fantastic. MailChimp’s reports provide some great insight on your campaigns. You can view overall open and click-through rates, recipients who have opened your emails and links that were clicked on the most.

MailChimp is a great marketing tool for organizations. It makes sending emails easy and looking good!

Do you use MailChimp?  What features do you like about it?