The Whoops Button: Delayed Send for Email

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a user gasp in despair as they sent an e-mail they didn’t mean to send. Folks forget that once they click send, it’s outta here, like a Freddie Freeman home run to right field (Go Braves). Cancel with red X

We happen to use a messaging platform called Zimbra. Recently, I deployed an extension called “Delay send”. This gives a little countdown timer at the top of the window before the message is actually sent, with an Undo link to bring it back.

This little thing has been a lifesaver for some.

MS Outlook has this functionality baked in via the Send/Receive setup (Options > Mail Setup). GMail also does this via a Labs feature called “Undo Send”.

Turn it on now, or you might wish you had some day.

What are your favorite “lifesaving” email tricks?