Tools: Online backup with an external hard drive?

We’ve touted the need for backing up in a previous post. However, with today’s ginormous hard drives and super-large media libraries, trying to back up your data to an online service via an internet connection is an exercise in patience and frustration. It can take many days for your data to upload and in many cases, the backup files can end up corrupt or missing data. iDrive logo

The solution? A service that sends you a portable terabyte drive that you then mail back!

In a recent article in TechCrunch, reporter Frederic Lardinois reported that the service iDrive now ships 1TB hard disks to users who want to back up large amounts of data. Evidently, Mozy, another well-known provider of online backups does the same, but for a higher price. Google and Amazon also allow developers who use the respective cloud services to send in drives.

Pretty cool, huh? A great way to back up your data without being tied to slow upload speeds. I’ve not tried this, as I primarily use Dropbox for my essential files, but it’s tempting.

What’s your favorite method of backing up terabytes of data?

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