Tools: What’s the next Google Reader?

When I first heard that Google was killing my all-time favorite app of theirs, Google Reader, I’m pretty sure I threw something against the wall (no, not my laptop!). Sure, it wasn’t an income stream for the company and social media has become the next, hot thing, but for the tens of thousands of us who are journalists, writers, bloggers and others who rely on aggregating RSS feeds, Google Reader was king. screenshot of feedly

After the initial denial & anger phases, I started researching alternatives. After all, I couldn’t lose my hundreds of feed URLs!

After struggling with NewsBlur, tearing my hair out with TheOldReader, I settled in to try out Feedly. “It’s the best!” cried all the tech bloggers. “Try it, you’ll like it.”

At first, I wasn’t so sure, but now, after two months of using only Feedly (clutching the dying gasps of Google Reader as my backup), I’m hooked.

Feedly is flexible, easy to read and best of all, they’ve developed Android and iOS apps. Plus (a huge plus in my book!) the transition from Google Reader was seamless!

What alternative RSS aggregator have you chosen to use?

2 thoughts on “Tools: What’s the next Google Reader?

  1. Aaron, thanks for the reply. Good point re: RSS variety. I tend to get into a groove/rut when using various apps, so when things go away, I get cranky. ::g::

    Thanks for the heads up on Feed Fiend.

  2. I use Feed Fiend, but then again, I built it, so I’m a little biased. At any rate, the death of Google Reader is probably a good thing for RSS as a whole. There is far more variety now for people who want to use RSS to get news. Google gave Reader just enough resources to crush any competitors, but not enough to really take RSS to it’s full potential. It is nice to see so many alternatives springing up and offering people more choices.

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