Tech Tools: We Live in the Future with the Scout!

Okay, you might possibly know that we here at Matrix Group are geeks who love geeky things.  We wouldn’t really call that a secret.  We eagerly await the day we can get lightsabers that can actually make that vwoom noise and throw sparks all by themselves.

While real lightsabers may be a bit further away than we’d like, we can turn to the Star Trek universe and lay our hands on some honest-to-God tricorder scanners.  Well, the Scanadu Scout, actually, but what’s in a name? Promo photo for Scanadu Scout

This little device is one you can hold to your forehead while it reads vitals like temperature, heart rate, ECG and oximetry. It’s synched to your smartphone and lets you track the readings over time, giving you a sketch of your general health and ample warning for abnormalities that need a doctor’s attention.

The Scout’s in development and are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2014.

Would you use a Scout once it’s available?

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