Photographing our staff: some lessons learned


To preface: I am not a professional photographer. I recommend hiring one, especially if the images will be used on your website: beautiful imagery makes a world of difference towards your brand. However, there are occasions when it is not feasible to do that—budget, time, frequency of need.

Here at Matrix, we need to update our photos every time someone joins the team and we needed a way to get consistent looking images for use on our site and client extranet. We want people to know who we are! Also, the world needs to know how good-looking the Matrix team actually is.

I set about taking our staff photos—regular shots and a few fun ones to show some personality. Here is what I have learned about shooting people on a white backdrop so far:

1. Photography equipment is not as expensive as I thought it would be. We were able to purchase a backdrop and lighting equipment from Amazon that fit our needs. PS. Lenses are ridiculously expensive.

2. Light the subject and background separately. Recheck it for each person—people are different heights and values, which will change the results.

3. Have people wear dark clothing. They need to stand out from the background.

4. Google your camera model’s settings. There are so many things that will help your results—definitely Google how to set your custom white balance. Experiment with the aperture settings and ISO speed.

6. Take a TON of pictures. People blink. A lot. Setting the camera to multi-shot (3 frames per second) mode helps, too.

What photography tips have you discovered?