KALQ: A New Way to Type on Smartphones

We all know QWERTY. We look at it almost every day – if not on our computers, then on our phones.  And how many times have you thought about sharing your terrible, hilarious auto-corrected message that only happened because you were trying to type – with your thumbs – and missed a letter or two? keyboard

Enter KALQ.  It’s an app that splits the keyboard in two, separating vowels and consonants and relegating less-used letters to the margins of your thumbs’ reach. Once users get a feel for it, researchers found they were 34% faster than their QWERTY counterparts.

Developers released KALQ on May 1, 2013, and it’s only available for Android at present, but it looks pretty exciting to smartphone users who are tired of having to apologize for texting something embarrassing to their mothers.

Read pre-release articles here and here.

Have you used the KALQ keyboard on your Android phone? What did you think?

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