Staff Favorite: Manage your budgeting with LearnVest

Have you ever used is similar in that it helps you manage your  Piggy Bankfinances. You input your current information and choose specific goals you want to achieve (pay down your debt, prepare for retirement, save up for that awesome honeymoon). LearnVest gives you guidance on spending choices so you can hit those goals. Something great: There are paid and free versions!

What’s your favorite budgeting tool?

2 thoughts on “Staff Favorite: Manage your budgeting with LearnVest

  1. I am a huge fan of Toshl! You add in your income and expenses, and can tag each expense and keep track of your overall spending. Here’s what I love about it:

    • Web access and mobile devices
    • Support for multiple users: both my wife and I use the same account to keep track of our joint expenses!
    • Recurring items: set up all your monthly expenses to automatically happen: insurance, mortgage, car payment, loan payments, cable bill, phone bill, etc.
    • set budgets like a monthly food budget. As you add expenses tagged with ‘food’ you can see what is left in your budget for the month!
    • carry-forward budgets! If you don’t use up the whole budget, you get the balance carried forward into the next-month’s budget. Super helpful when you are saving up for a big purchase!
    • Automatic monthly PDF reports of your activity!
    • Fun interactive charts and graphs on the web version.

    Plus, the service has a fun personality with little monster characters that make the expense tracking less tedious and more entertaining. If you sign up for the paid service, they’ll send you a t-shirt and lots of great stickers.
    Toshl Finance

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