I’ve got MY black & white composition book with me … do YOU?

Last week, project manager Kevin Tomko talked about how he loves taking notes directly into his laptop. I, on the other hand, think that paper is not yet out of the picture.

I stumbled on this great article about low-tech strategies to keep yourself organized Composition notebookand I loved that it put a paper notebook at the top of the list. That is something that everyone at Matrix has been asked to do as long as I’ve worked here:

  • Always have a notebook and pen with you.
  • Be ready to participate in an impromptu meeting or discuss an issue or take down a ‘to do’ item at any point in the work day at any place in the office.
Everyone has their own favorite notebooks: Some like them small. Others large. Some like spirals.
Some, like me, just love the sturdiness of the Composition Notebook (now available in fashion colors in addition to the more traditional black & white).  I actually have 5 years worth of notebooks on my shelves, and occasionally I find myself leafing back through them, looking for scribbles from a particular meeting or particular discussion that seemed like it wasn’t going to amount to anything but then years later came back.
I think that when it comes down to simple time management, it is important to not get too hung up on the whiz-bang of technology. Yes, a shared online calendar has its advantages. But sometimes it is also nice to just flip open a paper organizer and be able to scribble little notes all up and down the margin, add unrelated thoughts, or just jot down a quick thought or phone number.
What are the ‘oldies but goodies’ habits in your daily routine?

4 thoughts on “I’ve got MY black & white composition book with me … do YOU?

  1. I keep one notebook for the whole workday. It is literally a diary of the day; every meeting, thought, etc. I definitely type notes in most of the planned client/work meetings, but I always write at least a sentence about it in my notebook to make sure the diary is complete.

  2. Do you keep all your notes for different projects in one continuous notebook, or do you have a different notebook for different projects?

  3. I love my paper notebooks! At home, I’ve got stacks and stacks of blank notebooks just waiting to be written in. :)

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