HTML5 vs. Flash: The home game

The opening screen of Waste Creative's Flash vs. HTML5 site.

The opening screen of Waste Creative’s Flash vs. HTML5 site.

Last year, two of our front-end designers gave a great talk about HTML5 and CSS3 to DC Web Women.  Let’s just say we’re fans.  That’s not to say that we hate Flash, but with mobile use getting bigger and bigger all the time, and with some platforms not supporting Flash, HTML5 is just going to get more important.

These guys at Waste Creative built a game in Flash called Waste Invaders; then they ported it to HTML5.  They compared the two and released their findings on this beautiful parallax scrolling site (made with HTML5 and laid out in Flash, actually!).

The site’s beautiful, and the game’s pretty fun! Go look!

How do you feel about these two tools?