Book O’Clock: The Take-Out Menu

Sometimes, the best brain-break is a book.  Here’s a suggestion:

The Take-out Menu Cookbook: How to Cook In the Foods You Love to Order Out Carla Snyder & Meredith Deeds

Cover of Take-Out Menu Coookbook by Snyder & Deeds

Cook your own ethnic take-out foods!

Do you love to cook – or like saving money – or prefer to know what exactly what’s going into your dinner – but love take-out food?  Or do you not mind ordering out, but your neighborhood doesn’t have that Jewish or Lebanese cuisine you crave?  This cookbook will give you recipes that taste just like the food you call out for – yum!

I’ve made a lot of the Japanese and Chinese recipes from this book, and they’re spot-on!  And as inexpensive as Chinese takeout can be, you can control the portion size and save even more money by making it at home!

Have you found any good resources online or books with great recipes? Please share!

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