The Monetary Benefits of Working From Home

Man sitting in front of laptop at home office

A telecommuting calculator.  Can you imagine it?

FastCompany (@FastCompany) says “Compiled from various federal databases and studies, [Govloop and HP‘s] teleworking calculator uses time and distance traveled each day, vehicle type, and the number of telecommuting days to calculate your savings and productivity gains.”

That’s not to say that the idiosyncrasies of individual workplaces or homes don’t exist and make the calculator’s conclusions a joke.  Kids who insist on interrupting every ten minutes can undo the benefits of being at home, but being able to avoid the time-gobbling office gossip-fest bolsters the argument for telecommuting.

Also, it’s too broad to take into account which metro area you’re in or exactly which make and model of truck you drive (my gas-sipping Tacoma’s different from my cousin’s dog-and-dead-deer hauler).  I guess, like most things, you have to take it on a case-by-case basis.

Do you telecommute? Have you worked out the financial benefits or drawbacks of doing so?

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