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It seems like standing desks are all the rage here at Matrix Group. I never quite understood the appeal of being forced to stand all day, but I do appreciate a good standing break every once in a while. In a completely ideal world, I would have an adjustable desk that could fit whatever mood I’m in at the flip of a switch. It should also be affordable, which unfortunately isn’t the norm in this real world that I’m constrained to. I need a solution that lets me sit the majority of the time but also lets me comfortably work if I want to stand. So here’s what I came up with and it literally cost me zero dollars.

Yes, that is a run of the mill shipping box. That is also a laptop sitting on top of it. Take that combination and place it atop your desk and voila, instant standing desk.

To be completely fair, I admit I’m cheating a little. I’m volunteering to use my personal laptop when I want to stand so it’s not a completely seamless transition. Fortunately at the office we have WiFi and VPN access so I can get to all of the local networks and development servers without too much of a problem. When my legs ultimately get tired, I close my laptop, move the box out of sight and get back on my desktop right where I left off. It’s not the most elegant solution but hey, for $0, I could do a lot worse. The important thing is this setup accomplishes everything that I want it to.

How have you been clever/crafty with your work area?

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  1. I’ve thought about bringing in my laptop and standing part of the time. It would also come in handy for taking notes and making instant updates at meetings. I’m just not sure I want to lug it in all the time. Kudos to you though, for finding a solution that works for you! If you ever want an upgrade, maybe we can find one of those shelves that hangs from the cube wall. Or a more solid box. Don’t get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with cardboard boxes – I use one as a foot stool!

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