Life is all about the little extensions: a great bookmark sorter for Chrome

Sometimes the most insignificant things make my day.

Recently, I converted from an avid Firefox devotee to a Chrome enthusiast. In the past, there were many little quirks which kept me from switching over, such as the missing spell-check context menu when I hit the menu key on a misspelled word (which works now), the third-party search dropdown (which works now from the omnibar), and the very clunky bookmark manager.

After I switched to Chrome last year, I bemoaned the lack of “Sort by name” when I right click on a folder of bookmarks. Instead, I must open the Bookmark Manager, navigate to a folder in the right hand side (not the left!), click Organize, and then Sort. And I had to do this for every folder I want to sort. My bookmark sync extension, Xmarks, couldn’t help me here either.

No more! Thanks to this little gem called SuperSorter. It’s a tiny little extension which, with one click, sorts all of my bookmarks alphabetically. Such a simple task, but it made my day.  It even removes duplicate bookmarks, for any of us who have that “bookmark everything” tendency.

It does require one little tweak if you use the Bookmarks Bar for your bookmarks; you must go into the Options and uncheck “Ignore Bookmarks Bar”. Why this is default, I shall never know.

What cool bookmarking tools have you discovered?