A Twitter Logo CDN?

Twitter logoTwitter has grown immensely since its creation six years ago. Any brand that is growing will inevitably revamp its website and collateral along the way.Twitter is no different and has undergone several logo changes of late. With the new logo changes, Twitter provides detailed documentation about exactly how their collateral should be used. This makes sense. During a time where  one’s brand identity is hugely important and can be digitally manipulated,  it’s important to have firm boundaries.

What I don’t understand, though, is how a social media giant like Twitter isn’t, well, more social in providing its logo and collateral to users. Why can’t I link directly to the logo on a Twitter media server or have a Javascript pull that grabs the logo dynamically?  Then Twitter could easily change its logo and collateral and be assured that all websites using those items would immediately be updated.

With all of the sites on the Interwebs that have  Twitter icons, if the company really wants the brand identity to be enforced then it should provide an easy way for companies to update their sites much more easily.  Things are constantly changing in the world of technology and we need to provide better online solutions for updating brands rather than doing it the old fashioned way.

What’s your take on this? Should companies provide easy access to their branding materials?

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