Essential Chrome Web Dev Extensions

Everyone has different preferences for preferred browsers and plug-ins when working.  My current favorite set-up is Google Chrome with the following extensions installed.  
Here’s what I use and why:
  • Adblock Plus – My favorite ad blocking program/plug-in.  I’ve used this across multiple browsers and platforms.  It’s easy to use and helps cut down on ads competing for my attention when I am searching for solutions and examples on the interwebs.
  • Firebug Lite – A great code inspection tool that I like to use in conjunction with Chrome’s built-in inspector.  Chrome’s inspector has more functionality than Firebug Lite, but I still prefer Firebug Lite’s method of inspecting individual page elements.
  • JSONView – Ever tried reading a block of non-formatted JSON?  It’s not pretty.  Fellow developer Craig saved my life (or at least my eyesight) one day when he told me to go install the JSONView extension by gildas.  Now reading JSON is 1000% better.
  • LastPass – A fantastic password manager integrated into your browser of choice.  It allows me to easily pre-populate log ins and forms when I am working on a project in a secure manner.  I have to log in with my credentials before the extension will retrieve username and password information  and once I log out, no one else can get  to my stored log ins.
  • Web Developer – Select colors from the screen.  Measure page elements.  Display form elements and values.  Outline tables and divs and spans. Display print styles.  The list of things amazingly useful things that the Web Developer extension can do goes on and on.  If I could have only one extension for Chrome, it would be Web Developer.  Hands down.

What extensions do you find essential?

3 thoughts on “Essential Chrome Web Dev Extensions

  1. Jenny, I missed that this extension had the “High Alert” on permissions requested (as opposed to the Medium Alert that the others have.)

    I would think that it would need access to save files to your desktop from screen shots it takes, but to play it safe I have uninstalled that particular plugin. Going to be thinking through my other extensions as well; I may only turn them on as needed.

  2. Chrome says the Awesome Screenshot extension can access “All data on your computer and the websites you visit.” Doesn’t that concern you? Do you know why it needs that access?

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