The Purple Pranksters: Why Pranking is Good for the Soul

If you’ve followed Matrix Group in the past, be it on Facebook or The MatriX Files, you’ve probably realized that while we take work seriously, we definitely do not take ourselves seriously. Dan's Tropical Island prank

It’s not uncommon to find someone taking a brain break playing our Simpsons Pinball machine or engaging in creative feats of Nerf derring do.  (Pro tip: Playing William Tell with an apple on the head and a Nerf Hatchet ends better than scooter jousting using Nerf Broadswords.)  Sometimes we take old toy helicopter motors, coffee stirrers, plastic toy camels, and bouncy balls and turn them into a whirling circus act, complete with circus theme music.  And on special occasions, we turn programmer Dan Fisch’s cubicle into a cardboard house or a tropical beach locale.

Now, using my amazing predictive mind powers, I will answer your next question: We do actual work all the time.  The brilliant thing about Matrix Group is the understanding that while we play hard, it allows us to work hard as well.  Staying late to fill a kiddie pool with 30 lbs of lemon Jell-O or convening on the week-end to build a Moai head out of papier mâché allows the whole staff to come together, bringing together new business and developers, designers and network administrators, building camaraderie while undertaking our tongue-in-cheek projects.  Our brief bursts of Nerf warfare and SimpsonsBuilding the Moai head Pinball allow us to step away from a difficult problem, rest, reset and return with a better perspective.

What kinds of things do you do to build camaraderie and get a better perspective at work?

P.S. —  30 lbs makes A LOT of Jell-O.  We still have 20 lbs leftover.  Please someone, take all of this Jell-O.

3 thoughts on “The Purple Pranksters: Why Pranking is Good for the Soul

  1. We do happy hours and the occasional office party, but what was really fun this year was the office NCAA Bracket Pool. There was a ton of trash talking, and plenty of rescheduling of internal meetings to clear up the conference room (and TV) for keeping tabs on big games. :) The only problem? The intern won the pool!

    Despite that, we’re looking to do more things like this because it does help build camaraderie, and it was a blast.

  2. @Jen Walton – pot lucks are the best! We do that occasionally, too. We’ve had Salad Day, Cook-Out Day, and (of course) Pie Day :)

  3. We don’t have the pranks, but we do have happy hours, occasional book club meetings, and potluck lunches!

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