Introducing Snack O’clock

Geoff Harcourt and Ray Stankiewicz enjoy our fiscal year end party in 2011It’s 3pm. A group of Matrix Group staff are climbing up 14 flights of stairs (to our office on the 12th floor) to get a bit of exercise. Around 4pm, a different group goes to the deli downstairs for a snack. If you’re like us, you often need a brain break in the middle of the afternoon to clear your mind and get the blood flowing again.

Enter snack o’clock, Matrix Group’s new blog, which will feature brain food for Web developers and designers. A couple of times a week, we’ll feature cool CSS tricks, discuss sites we loves, show off something cool we just programmed, let you know about upcoming web trends, and share a favorite book or resource.

Read about the latest version of SiteFinity from developers Craig or Liz. Learn about responsive design from UX Lead Joeleen and why we love WordPress by Front End Developer Roger. Discuss whether one programming language is better than another with Senior Developer James. And read about usability best practices from Information Architect Kelly. Read more about what makes Matrix Group special through our posts on what it’s like to work here.

Whether you’re a communications manager, webmaster, IT Director, or designer, we hope snack o’clock will be your go-to source for inspiration or a brainwave in the middle of the day or night.

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