MatrixMaxx 22.2 is Now Live

June 22, 2022

Matrix Group, a leading digital marketing and consulting agency in the Washington, D.C. area, announces the release of MatrixMaxx 22.2, the latest version of its association management system (AMS).

Some of the exciting features and enhancements in the 22.2 release include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for added security for MatrixMaxx users.

  • The ability to create a dynamic logo wall on WWW pages, filtered by specific fields in MatrixMaxx. Show off your members, sponsors, partners or other groups with a click of a button! 

  • Meeting Badge upgrades, allowing MatrixMaxx staff users to more quickly and easily control the badge fields that appear on registration pages. 

  • A new staff-configurable organization participation report.

  • New dynamically-generated API documentation that’s never out of date and provides more detail than ever before!

  • So much more!

About MatrixMaxx AMS

MatrixMaxx is a powerful association management system (AMS) that allows trade associations and professional societies to better manage their membership, gain member engagement trends, increase revenue, and stay relevant to their members. MatrixMaxx lets clients easily manage membership, meetings, tradeshows, e-commerce store, sponsorships, subscriptions, fundraising, advocacy, e-mail lists, and more! Treat your staff to a beautiful, user-friendly interface that lets them run their own reports and gain insights into membership trends.

MatrixMaxx clients are automatically upgraded with the latest release at no additional charge. Even more importantly, MatrixMaxx guarantees backward compatibility with client-specific programming and customizations.

Learn More About MatrixMaxx

Schedule a private demonstration by calling Bryan Clark, Director of Business Development, at (703) 838-9777 or by filling out our contact form and selecting "MatrixMaxx Demo".