Matrix Group Launches Interactive Virtual Advent Calendar for Catholic Health Association of the United States

December 18, 2020
CHA-Advent-Calendar-2020Matrix Group, a leading digital marketing development agency in the Washington, D.C. area, recently launched an interactive virtual Advent calendar for the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA), a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Catholic faith organizations help to the needy across the US.

Every Christmas season, CHA provides a series of Advent reflections for the CHA community. During a time when we want to be gathering and celebrating with loved ones, we need to be separate and practice social distancing. With this in mind, CHA sought a way to bring the magic of the story of Jesus’ coming to life to bring comfort and hope to all.

CHA partnered with Matrix Group to develop a beautiful, interactive virtual Advent calendar that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. The CHA 2020 Advent Calendar features:

  • A beautiful Nativity illustration that was commissioned by CHA.
  • The nativity scene is brought to life through CSS and javascript animations.
  • A fun seek-and-find experience. Each day, a new clue appears at the top of the illustration, prompting you to find the element that is the focus of the day’s reflection. Once discovered, the element will unlock the day’s reflection.
  • Thoughtful meditations for every day of the season, including a reflection, video, and a brief message for a child. 
“The interactive calendar provided CHA with a dynamic medium to help our members and web visitors prepare for Christmas and celebrate the beginning of the Church's liturgical year.  The ‘seek and find’ functionality provided users with a unique way to engage the daily advent reflections and was also a very cool feature,” said Brian Reardon, CHA vice president, communications and marketing. 

Visit the Advent Calendar

About the Catholic Health Association of the United States

The mission of CHA is to advance the Catholic health ministry of the United States in caring for people and communities. Catholic health care is a ministry of the Catholic Church continuing Jesus' mission of love and healing in the world today. Comprised of more than 600 hospitals and 1,600 long-term care and other health facilities in all 50 states, the Catholic health ministry is the largest group of nonprofit health care providers in the nation. At the national level, these organizations join together in the Catholic Health Association of the United States. In CHA, the ministry raises a collective passionate voice for compassionate care.

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